Mildreds Soho

Mildreds Soho

A Soho stalwart for nearly three decades, Mildreds has long been one of London’s most popular vegetarian institutions. And for good reason. It serves up seasonal produce in robust, flavourful dishes alongside an impressive selection of organic wines and beers – all in a relaxed but buzzy atmosphere. The burgers (“classic” tofu, lentil and pepper or halloumi), served alongside chunky, crispy chips with a moreish basil mayo, are resounding crowd pleasers. Other favourites include the warming Sri Lankan sweet potato curry and delightfully lemony artichoke crostini. Mildreds’ popularity has seen it expand recently to King’s Cross, Camden and Dalston, but the Soho branch remains the most charming and the most popular. With a walk-ins-only policy, be prepared to have a drink or two at the bar while you wait for a table.



45 Lexington Street


0207 494 1634


monday to saturday: 12pm – 11pm


Kelvin Y

Bustling Vegan Restaurant.  I am not Vegan but I tend to try Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants when the opportunity arises – We were traveling with our daughter who is currently Vegetarian.

I had the Vietnamese Bowl.  Essentially a high fidelity Vegan rendition of a Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodle Bowl.  The “Beef” was flavoured  just like it would in a Vietnamese restaurant, great texture and flavor.  The Vegetables were very fresh and the Noodles were well done.

My daughter had the Chicken Bowl.  I had a piece of the fried “Chicken” and the Almond Cream that accompanied the dish- it was good.  The “Chicken” did not get as close to the fidelity achieved on the “Beef” but it was satisfying.

The Soul Bowl was on the sweet side – for a main course.  The Smoked Tofu burger was accompanied by Sweet Potato Fries that were cut a tad too big.

Overall good Vegan meal experience.

Michael C.

I dined at Mildred’s on a Saturday and it was seriously bustling. They don’t take reservations and there is a good queue of people waiting when you arrive. We were told that we would have to wait 1.5 hours until we could be seated and that we would have to wait either by the bar or next door. We choose the bar which turned out to be a great decision as the cocktails were amazing! I highly recommend the bourbon splash and old fashioned something-or-another. They were also really reasonably priced (only £7.5 for a cocktail in central London). I guess the make up for it by always being busy and requiring patrons to wait by the bar.

I really enjoyed the food too. I had some tofu and white bean sausage with mashed potatoes and other veg (basically a vegan bangers and mash). I really enjoyed it and the atmosphere was great.

The only downside was the service, but even so, it wasn’t thaaat bad (still 5 star worthy). The waiters didn’t pour the wine or let us try it before hand (it wasn’t a screw cap!) but luckily it was fine. We also had to wait a while for the bill etc. If they sort this out they’ll really be a spectacular vegan restaurant.

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From an early age Rick would rather pick up a carrot than a sausage. Not a vegetarian, but would like people to think he was.

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