About Us

This website is for everyone Рwhether you are a hardcore fruitarian or a carnivorous animal looking to add some vegetables to your diet. We have something for you.

Health is becoming more and more of a public issue, the conscious among us have realised that meat (especially red or processed meat), is not good for us – and there is a world out there undiscovered by most. A generation of flexitarians has been born and we want to help you!

The choices for becoming vegetarian are almost unending – whether for moral or health reasons – we should all be able to unashamedly enjoy our food, so take a look around and discover what we have to offer your open minds.

We don’t just review restaurants! We also want to make your home life more enjoyable, we will be letting you in on our favourite recipes, inviting guest writers to drop some pea puree on your Tuesday nut roast, reviewing products, and generally just trying to be there for you in the exciting world of vegetarianism.

This site is run with love by 3 people who have very different views and tastes in food.

Rick – the tech behind the site who from an early age would rather pick up a carrot than a sausage. Not a vegetarian.

Tom – A veteran vegetarian. Over 10 years and counting. The moral compass of the 3, who will tell you the snail eating Pete’s courgette plant is conscious.

Peter – A full on carnivorous meat loving foodie. Pete will bring the expensive taste and the wine pairings.


“One day we will look back in history and realise how evil we have been to the animals”