Club Mexicana at Pamela

Club Mexicana at Pamela

If you think vegan restaurants are all about kale salads and detox smoothies, think again. Club Mexicana serves up vegan Mexican street food at hipster cocktail bar Pamela. Deep-fried, crunchy, adorned with zingy pickles and sauces, the food here is not only some of the best vegan produce, but also some of the best Mexican cuisine to be found in London. Annatto-glazed “chicken” – made from wheat-based seitan – is as good as the real thing; tofu “fish” tacos are a delight in three mouthfuls; tortilla chips with guacamole and chilli oil are served up in satisfyingly generous portions; and horchata ice cream sandwiched between deep-fried churros cookies dipped in sugar is a pleasingly sweet end to the meal. Add a couple of drinks from Pamela’s seasonal cocktail menu and you have a recipe for a memorable, or not-so-memorable, night out.

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Rachel B

Too pricey for the amount of food you receive. Save your money and visit a different vendor within the Camden Market.

We ordered the nachos and vegan fish tacos. I couldn’t believe that we only received 2 tacos for £7.00. That’s £3.50 a taco and it wasn’t even fully loaded. WHAT THE HECK!!!

Nachos all though it was packed inside a small container the amount of topping was limited. The cheeze at the bottom made no sense.

See my husband’s (John B.) review for more info and pictures he took from me. Haha.

Jhon B

If you know me, you know I LOVE Mexican style food. Not even the authentic stuff either since who the hell wants to eat lengua or cabeza? Just good old fashioned comforting beans, rice, salsa, guacamole, and maybe some faux cheese. With that said, I dragged my babygirl out here even though she doesn’t dig Mexican style food.

We walked a bit to find the market area. The stand immediately caught my eye with it’s bright florescent pink and colorful design. It reminded me of Hella Vegan Eats back in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The nachos were to be for me and the tacos for the wife. The half a to go box of nachos was filled to the brim with tasty tortilla chips. However the toppings that actually make it (mine) nachos! were noticably missing for the most part. The cheese sauce and beans were all on the bottom which didn’t really translate into great flavor once I discovered them. A homemade salsa or hot sauce could have livened things up but alas, it was the bottled variety that tastes the same no matter where you are. I have to give them credit for the sizable amount of guacamole on top since avocados are £100/lb or something like that over here. But really, how much do beans and homemade cheese sauce cost?

The tacos were not any better. The fish stick thingy was not bad but it needed more substance to be able to call it a taco. That might fly over here but for £3.50 per taco, you’re talking highway robbery. These banditas done got me!

A small nachos will set you back £6 (and they’re really small!) a large(er) is £10. The two skimpy looking tacos were £7

If you’re already in the Camden Market area (which in itself is pretty cool) it’s certainly a worthy option if you have the £ to spare. Otherwise save your funds for something more worthy.

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From an early age Rick would rather pick up a carrot than a sausage. Not a vegetarian, but would like people to think he was.

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