Salads, sandwiches and baked goods both savoury and sweet served with a smile.

This small vegetarian café, opened in summer 2014, has plenty to recommend it: a bright, pleasant space with skylight at the back, a display counter at the front bearing the photogenic food offerings of the day, friendly and attentive staff. And the promise is partly made good by the food itself, which majors on salads, sandwiches and baked goods both savoury and sweet.

Not every dish is above criticism. A buckwheat roast was a little dense and dry, and the selection of salads all contained a fair proportion of grains and/or pulses which added up to carb-overload when assembled on the plate. But the salads themselves were individually good, if perhaps a little under-seasoned. The star of the show was an improbably flavourful spinach soup: great depth of flavour, coarse-textured, with the odd fragment of sweet, soft garlic to provide a surprise.

Don’t expect cutting-edge vegetarian cooking here. Indeed, there was something pleasingly retro-veggie in some of the dishes, especially that roast. But the food is good, and the vibe is quiet and soothing. Finish with a single-estate Aeropress brew from Workshop coffee roasters and you’ll walk away content. We’re certainly happy to join the Kin family.









William B

I’m no veggie, but this cafe specialising in vegetarian and vegan fodder is delicious.

When you walk in you’re welcomed by a huge array of options laid out on the counter. The usual salad staples are all present and correct, but more interesting veggie alternatives such as burgers, quiches and cakes can also be found.

The vegan cheeseburger (featuring ‘cheese’ made from cashew, coconut oil and turmeric) was a real highlight while the freshly made beetroot smoothie, despite being served at a not so refreshing room temperature, was delicious.

Ignore the slightly atonal and experimental background music and this is a place you’ll want to hang around in beyond once your food is finished (the guy next to me had definitely set up for the afternoon with his laptop). The Nordic decor oozes class and the artisan coffee is worth a visit alone. Staff are also extremely helpful and friendly.

Whether you’re a staunch veggie or not, Kin is a cafe definitely worth visiting for some of the best vegetarian/vegan café food in the capital.

Rellie Loves

Vegans and veggies rejoice! Kin Café, tucked away in picturesque Fitzrovia, is doing wonders for us and it’s about time you tried it. Not only does this place ooze Nordic vibes and chic décor, the food is consistently fresh, vibrant and creative. From energising breakfasts of millet porridge, muesli and smokey beans, to colourful superfood salads, quiches and baked goods laid up on the counter, there is literally something for the fussiest of eaters. Staff are happy to offer up recommendations. Seating is limited to a few tables and high stools but that’s the only downfall. They also sell organic bottled juices, loose leaf teas and caffeine for the weary. You’ll be back in no time (menu varies day-to-day).

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From an early age Rick would rather pick up a carrot than a sausage. Not a vegetarian, but would like people to think he was.

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