Indian Veg

Indian Veg

There’s certainly a bargain to be had at this vegetarian restaurant on Chapel Market – its popular all-you-can-eat buffet is yours for £6.50.

The décor at this longstanding all-you-can-eat Indian restaurant is worth the visit alone – the walls are covered with articles, posters, slogans and questionable karmic concepts, all geared toward the promotion of vegetarianism. Some of it is spurious: ‘Carnivorism causes war! Vegetarianism creates peace!’ And lots of it is old (we spotted a ‘Daily Express’ front page with a 5p price tag). The less said about a poem in the gents’ telling you not to be sad if your son dies, the better.

Still, being surrounded by all this vaguely militant mumbo jumbo is a very low price to pay for one of London’s most interesting dining experiences. The food – a collection of vegetable curries, colourful salads, onion bhajis and paratha so light they could do with a tether – is good, and a bargain at £6.50 for as much as you can manage. And so what if a layer of oil on a couple of the curries (not to mention the delicious deep-fried crisp of those bhajis) makes a mockery of Indian Veg’s cathartic credentials? You’re still getting some serious bang for your buck.

It’s little wonder, then, that it’s such a popular haunt for students and local yoof filling up before a night out on the Islington tiles – especially as it’s BYOB, too. But if you’re not drinking? There are cans of Coca Cola, stacked high by the door heading downstairs to the kitchen. Health trips and right-on ethics have to end somewhere, right?



N1 9EX

020 7837 4607

TUESDAY             12–11:30PM

WEDNESDAY      12–11:30PM

THURSDAY          12–11:30PM

FRIDAY                 12–11:30PM

SATURDAY          12–11:30PM

SUNDAY               12–11:30PM

MONDAY             12–11:30PM


Jennifer S

I popped in today for lunch and it was relatively quiet. I loaded up my plate with the sides (various veggies such as red cabbage) and the mains such as dal, etc and various sauces. There is also brown rice and pilau. I was pleased by the options available (and there are assorted drinks and desserts as well if you fancy) as well as the obvious cheap price -£7.95 for all you can eat. The food’s flavour wasn’t overly spicy, just a perfect punch that made everything tasty. The sides are pretty bland so focus on the mains.

The decor is nothing fancy; rather there are posters everywhere advocating vegetarianism which I loved. And blaming carnivores for warfare :)

I am drinking a star because the owner/person at the till was pretty grouchy. I asked him what some of the sides were as there were no identification on them and that request seemed to annoy him. He also just grumbled a thank you when I paid. Seriously, if you don’t want my money I’ll gladly go elsewhere!

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From an early age Rick would rather pick up a carrot than a sausage. Not a vegetarian, but would like people to think he was.

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