Vegetarian Pizza in London

London has a galore of great vegetarian restaurants. In fact, this is the best time for those looking to relish the delicious clean-eating recipes or the top restaurants in the city or the pan-fried platters being served across multiple veggie outlets in the city. But, the most preferred and loved food is made by the connoisseurs that prepare your plate of this cheesy delight in the most exotic varieties.


Why pizza is so haute in London?


Vegetarian pizza is much different than what you are used to see in American pizzas. These are exuberant, but not overly greased to scare you away! Instead, pizza-purists will be delighted by the enormous range of lip-smacking pizzas available.


These aren’t so quintessential like the American or the Italian style pizzas, yet us lot know how to make our food, even if we have stolen it all. Pizza here is the thin crust bread and generous topping strewn all over the top layer. There are a variety of toppings – from basil to artichoke – veggie pizzas are the best form in London. Here’s a food lover’s takeaway: Vegetarian pizza in London aren’t all soaked in mozzarella.


Here are the highly recommended pizza eateries in London that offers an endearing choice of pizzas in the UK.


Yard Sale

Started literally in the founder’s backyard, this one’s an insanely hip restaurant serving dinners the divine taste of the dough not to be found elsewhere. If you like the name, you’d be presently delighted by the best vegan pizza that you can ever have here. The most delectable variants are the Garlic Aubergine & the Parmesan Pizza.


Four Hundred Rabbits

The vegan pizza is one of the most sought after with great toppings and you wouldn’t miss the vegan cheese. If you’re looking for great vegetarian pizza London options then look no further. Try their new Peanut Butter Pizza. Recently, the south London pizza chain started Veganuary with the vegan sourdough peanut butter pizza. The toppings on this unique creation include chickpeas, celery, squash pesto, sultanas, wood-roasted beets, and more. If you fancy a bite, do try it and let us know!


Mama Dough

The south-London located Mama Dough serves sourdough pizza of great value, served with carefully chosen fresh ingredients and a mix of the classics devil, margherita, john o’ goat – ha.





This one’s not for the traditionalist, although it describes the madness that’s only found in their method. Their margherita is a mean, smoky perfectly salty, having the right base sauce ratio and unbelievable vegan toppings that’s possibly too much for some people.



The local West Hampstead pizza outlet sells giant pizzas with a legendary bread base. It feels a little bit magical with old-school flavourful pasta that we love.


Franco Manca

The highly popular pizza eatery is known for the excellent slow cooked sourdough pizza that emphasizes more on the quality of the base ingredients. There are 35 branches of the pizza chain, so almost everybody can visit the nearest one to find out more about their veggie offerings.


London is a haven for pizza eaters serving amazing veggi and vegan toppings; pesto, artichokes, basil, fruits, lego and absolutely pretty much anything vegan can be wacked on a pizza! Take a look at the Vegetarian food map London to see what’s closest to you.



From an early age Rick would rather pick up a carrot than a sausage. Not a vegetarian, but would like people to think he was.

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