What on earth do vegans eat, then?

Once people have established vegans don’t eat meat, fish, cheese or eggs, a lot of people have trouble imagining what there could possibly be left to eat. They obviously haven’t seen the piles of recipe books I keep bringing home from work and the resulting lists of recipes I want to try out from each one! I never manage to get through all the recipes that look interesting enough to try, and I cook nearly every day, so I can assure anyone who asks that I’m never short of ideas of what to eat.

I can understand though why many omnivores have a hard time imagining what there is to eat that doesn’t involve animal products, seeing as there aren’t many entirely plant-based meals in the average British cooking repertoire. Also, a lot of traditional cookery books categorise recipes as ‘meat’, ‘poultry’, ‘fish’ or ‘vegetables’, so therefore vegans must just eat vegetables, right?

Some of my favourite recipes are (vegan versions of!):

avocado, tomato and pesto mayonnaise panini
baked sweet potatoes and spicy peanut butter
beans on toast
bubble and squeak
cashew nut korma
cashew nut, rocket, beetroot and apple salad
chestnut and mushroom casserole
cherry tomato and basil tart
couscous and roasted vegetables
chocolate cake
chocolate chip cookies
fried breakfast
garlic bread
glamorgan sausages
gnocchi al forno
green risotto
hot and sour soup
jacket potatoes
lentil and butternut squash curry
lentil, chilli and lime soup
mango curry
marinated mushrooms
“meat” and potato pasties
melanzana parmegiana
mixed vegetable dhansak
mushroom risotto
pad thai
pasta and pesto
pear and watercress soup
portobello mushrooms in puff pastry with red onion and tomato sauce
potato curry
quinoa and chickpea chilli
red curry tofu chowder
red and yellow pepper, red onion and cashew nut tartlets
red onion and artichoke heart pizza
refried bean burritos with sliced tomatoes and avocado
roasted cauliflour and tomatoes
roasted mediterranean vegetables
saag aloo
sausage, mash and onion gravy
sausage, mustard and bean casserole
sausage rolls
spaghetti bolognese
spaghetti with tomato, basil and red wine sauce
spinach and tofu ‘ricotta’ stuffed pasta shells
spinach, walnut and sausage fusilli
spring rolls with plum and ginger sauce
stir fry
stuffed butternut squash with walnuts, canellini beans and thyme
stuffed crust “ham” and pineapple pizza
stuffed flat mushrooms with pecan and lemon breadcrumbs
tagliatelle with white sauce, courgettes, mushrooms and pine nuts
Thai green curry
Toad in the hole
tofu hot and sour
tofu, ginger, spinach and coconut curry
Vietnamese fragrant “chicken” noodle soup

For more vegan menu ideas and lots of food photos, have a look at:

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From an early age Rick would rather pick up a carrot than a sausage. Not a vegetarian, but would like people to think he was.

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